Press/ Other Writings


Where’s My Toothbrush? is a place to retell stories when everyone around me is sick of hearing about them. I’d like to keep it that way.

I also tend to write about other, more engaging matters, on other websites and various publications. Some of these are listed here. I’d welcome any freelance opportunity under the working conditions that you/ your company:

  1. Spell my name correctly
  2. Make empty promises about The Replacements making a new album
  3. Appreciate the fact that I just wrote out a numerical list of working stipulations, none of which are all that important nor do I plan to adhere to

If this sounds like something you want to get involved with, you can contact me here.

Here are some topics of conversation:


A Broad Living Abroad (Bi-weekly column for Vagabundo Magazine)

Lifestyles of the Cheap and Faceless: An English Teacher’s Experience in South Korea

Six in the City: Cycling the Continents with Steven Fabes (Vagabundo Magazine Winter 2012, in print)

Naked Views of Mount Fuji (Vagabundo Magazine Winter 2012, in print)

Rager Against the Tourism Machine (Vagabundo Magazine Spring 2012, in print)

Eternal Summer of the Spotless Mind (Vagabundo Magazine Summer 2012 in print)

The Mountains of Darjeeling (Vagabundo Magazine Summer 2012, in print)

Going Veggie in the Streets of Seoul (Vagabundo Magazine Fall 2012, in print)

Drinking around the World (Vagabundo Magazine Fall 2012, in print)

The Not-So-Secret Great Wall of China

Glenfiddich Explorers: India at Large

Seeing the Taj Mahal without Hurting your Wallet

The Dramatics of Northern Canada

Guru Maps: Itaewon 2012

Hiroshima, Japan- Learning Outside the Classroom

Monkey Business and the Five-Finger Discount

Painting the Town Red in Penang, Malaysia

Music (in print)

Florence + the machine


Owen Pallet

Frank Turner

Vancouver’s Farmer’s Markets (Okay so technically this isn’t music related. But there’s always a hippie playing his guitar at these sort of things. And THAT’S music).

Lou Barlow



When I was 12, a local news reporter interviewed me about Prince Charles coming to Canada. I asked the reporter, straight-faced, “Who is Prince Charles?” By the time I got home, my mom (rightly mortified) had already taped over this news bit with an episode of General Hospital. 

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