The Travel Plans take a 360. Er, I mean 180.

Even though a small few may actually read my writings, there’s a secret I’ve been keeping about my literary background.

I’m actually shit with words

Read that sentence over again as proof. It didn’t even make sense! But it’s what came to mind, so I kept it and simply got distracted by other word-things that are serious struggles for me:

I have a hard time differentiating between “invisible” and “invincible.”

I have to whisper the word “rural” about three times over before I say it out loud just to make sure I’m saying it right.

I use a disgusting amount of brackets (but you already knew that, right?).

And I refer to the terms “doing a 360” and “doing a 180” in completely inappropriate and sometimes (okay, all the time) incorrect contexts. (A 180 is a circle, right?)

And this morning, my travel plans took a 360.

I think.

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