Sarah is like a firecracker. An illegally imported firecracker from China which disregards all safety regulations and constantly puts herself and those around her into immediate and irreversible danger.

-paraphrased report card from Mrs. Bennie, Grade 3 homeroom teacher ______________________________________________

My name is Sarah. This is a blog. 

And it can all be simply explained by one of two events.

The first being when my favorite brunch spot burned to smithereens.

But, as I’m sure you know by now, saying that is just a stretched ploy to use a word like “smithereens” in my About section.

So instead, and probably more relevantly, it all has to do with that one night of drinking a Welch’s factory worth of cranberry-vodkas and ambitiously proclaiming to anyone within earshot that, “I’m going to take myself, you know, more seriously. Starting like, now.”

So I did what every female in her twenties does when they experience a different kind of liquid courage and fumble into their apartment alone at 3 in the morning: I bought a domain name.

And then I promptly fell asleep still wearing my favorite party dress.

Only after receiving a call from my credit card company to inquire about suspicious transactions (thanks for the vote of confidence, Privacy and Security Department), did I start to feel intrinsically motivated beyond the financial obligations of a year subscription to WordPress.  

During the life of this blog, I’ve lived on an island, a boat, and out of a backpack full of decorative scarves.  I found a man with 11 fingers in the Philippines. I got robbed by a toddler in Cambodia. I mistook potpourri for candy in Saudi Arabia. I met a translator who almost interpreted for Justin Bieber. I got introduced to the Moscow Mule and will never order anything else if that drink is ever listed on a menu. I discovered a fierce appreciation for writing and travel, yet my thoughts on combining the two are invariably lukewarm.  

And one day, probably after another cranberry-vodka inspired declaration, will I write about each of these events. Probably. 

So that about brings us up to speed, right? 


34 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sarah’s toothbrush (and Sarah herself)! Just wanted to say hi and tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the blog so far and I’m looking forward to read more from you. :)

    • My toothbrush says “hello.” I also say “hello!” (albeit in a more humanistic manner).

      I’m so pumped about the gig ahead! And of course, all the travels of my toothbrush.

      Can’t wait to hear about your own journeys too!

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for visiting The Wanderfull Traveler as well! I will definitely be adding your site to my favourites on my blog!
    Look forward to reading more of your posts.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

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  4. I never knew, blogs would be so interesting even the “About My Toothbrush” is so damn interesting. Way to go, toothbrush!!!!!!!!!

  5. Where’s your toothbrush? …in my minimlist packing quest I thought I might have to give up my electrically powered monstrosity … but in aid of a nice mouth and smooth teeth, the decision is made. I will take it. My most most luxurious piece of equipment for my never ending round the world trip….. my teeth will love me. Sad but true my little buzzing machine will be heard around the world.

  6. On my 3rd day on the Inca Trail, my toothbrush decided to finish the trek without me. It upped and left just as I had run back to the tent to get something I’d forgotten. I’ve never seen it again but I like to think my toothbrush is continuing its good work – much like yours is! Great site, have followed! :)

  7. I just discovered your blog from the article on the wordpress site that discussed how you chose your blog name. I am so happy to have found you. My son has just recently taken a sabbatical from his job and is going to be traveling for the next six months (he’s in New Zealand now.) I will definitely pass your site along to him. I think he’ll really enjoy it.

  8. Hi, Sarah! How cool your blog and it’s name :)
    Where can I find about your time in South Korea? It’s seems like it was a great time!


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